Monday, 21 November 2016

Review: The Fairy Tales by Jan Pieńkowski

Title: The Fairy Tales
Illustrator: Jan Pieńkowski
Translated by: David Walser
Publisher:  Viking Press
Pages: 186
Genres: Children's, Fairy-tales

Enter an enchanted world where dashing princes rescue beautiful princesses, where wicked stepmothers do battle with good fairies, and where romance, danger and excitement captivate the reader.

This glorious collection of four of the most beloved of European fairytales will weave its spell on you. Faithfully translated from the original French and German, each tale remains true.
A beautiful collection featuring four classic fairy-tales, illustrated with Pieńkowski's silhouette art style on some breathtaking coloured backgrounds. The fairy-tales that are included in this book are the Grimm's Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty; and Charles Perroult's version of Cinderella. I was really happy to see that David Walser faithfully translated the original tales and included some of the more grisly details that are often edited out. The striking silhouettes gave such a divinely mysterious feeling to some of the tales, especially as the Grimm's versions can be quite dark in places.

The level of detail in some of the pictures is impressive and it often takes a minute to really look at the image and see all the tiny details. The rich background colours really give an almost spooky and magical vibe which I could imagine would be quite fascinating for children, especially. A preview of a couple of the illustrations can be seen here.

I really enjoyed this stunning book and I would highly recommend it to everyone who cherishes fairy-tales.

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