Tuesday, 3 January 2017

December 2016 - Reading Wrap-Up

December was quite a busy month for me, as it is for us all. Christmas came and went and I read five books. The majority of them were actually sorely disappointing so that was just rubbish. I felt like I read underwhelming book straight after an underwhelming book, I'm surprised I didn't end up in a giant slump. But no matter, the books I read this month are listed below:

The seventh instalment in the Outlander series, and the biggest disappointment. Most of the book centred on a specific battle during the revolutionary war and I was beyond bored. The actual plot moved forward in the last one hundred pages and one plot twist was just completely bizarre. I think there should be a proper ending to the story now as this book was just a thousand pages of rubbish, in my opinion. Sorry to be harsh but as a Outlander fan, I was annoyed.

★ - Looking for Alaska by John Green

Another disappointment, I did not enjoy this book. The story follows Miles as he attends a boarding school for the first time and makes friends. Its essentially about a few teenagers smoking, drinking, and thinking about philosophical and rhetorical questions. Over the top, dramatic and it just induced plenty of eye rolling from me.

★ - Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

A teeny tiny short story about Star Wars fan, Elena, who goes to queue outside her local cinema for a few days so she can be first in line to watch the new Star Wars film. The problem is that there is only three people also queuing, including Elena so... that's awkward. Very dull, full of Star Wars references which I didn't understand as I have never watched the films and therefore not a fan. Perhaps wasted on me, would better suit Star Wars and Rainbow Rowell fans. 

★ - The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

My first Georgette Heyer. I really loved Heyer's writing style and this book was just full of so much hilarity and biting wit. Set in Regency England, a young heiress Sophy is sent to live with her aunt as her father has to go abroad for some time. Whilst there, Sophy brings it upon herself to sort out all of her cousins' personal problems whether they want her to or not. It was brilliant and would have got a higher rating if it were not for the most disturbing scene featuring a Jewish moneylender. It anti-semitic and just very nasty and actually shocked me. Was not a side of the author I liked seeing. Nonetheless, it was still worth a read.

Does what it says on the tin, this book consists of seven lesson on physics. Written for the average layperson in the street, it is highly accessible and not to mention fascinating. Consisting of only ninety-six pages, this is a worthwhile and very quick read. Despite being endlessly fascinating, beautifully written and surprisingly lyrical, I found I didn't fully understand all of the concepts in this book. I would have loved more detail about quantum mechanics and how physics contradicts our perception of time. Best read of the month by far.

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